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5 Festive Looks for the Fourth

Alana Athletica

Cue the fireworks! Wednesday is the Fourth of July! We are super excited to pa...

3 Workouts You Can Easily Take Outdoors

Alana Athletica

Summer is finally here! Nothing like the sound of nature, and the relaxing moo...

7 Yoga Poses To Align Your Chakras

Laura Duran

Balance your energy with the Summer Solstice Light Chakras, alignment, energy,...

Pranayama: The Science of Breathing

Laura Duran

Life is full of challenges, and one of our main goals is to be able to navigate th...

No Equipment Total Body HIIT Workout

Natalie Betzer

HIIT workouts have been getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason...

All The Good

Amber Herzog Lyman

At Alana, our brand ambassadors are [IMPACT] leaders. Why? Because their voice and...

Transparent In Business, Not Yoga Pants

Alana's Founders

One more time. Insert needle into fabric, 1/2 an inch starting from the interi...

Celebrate Happiness With Alana

Miranda Hayes

Today, the United Nations is celebrating its 5th International Day of Happiness. F...

Life As A Statistic: Living As An Abuse Survivor (Pt. 1)

Niro Perera

Statistics is described as the science of collecting and analyzing numerical d...

Playing A Role in HIV/AIDS Awareness

Alana Athletica

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD) highlights the impac...

The Sri Lankan Woman: Life in a Paradoxical Society (Pt. 2)

Niro Perera

In support of our commitment to social responsibility, we will be sharing vari...

Alana's 5 Reasons To Be Your Own Valentine

Alana Athletica

62% of us celebrate Valentine's day. Over 15 billion dollars spent on "love"....
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