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October 26, 2019 by

New Moon in Scorpio + Halloween: Witchy Rituals & Outfits

Did you know Scorpio’s signature outfit is black everything? So why not put together some cool black outfits for Halloween, while sipping on wine and making New Moon rituals to get rid of bad juju? Why not, right?

New Moon in Scorpio + Halloween: Witchy Rituals & Outfits

Scorpio Season is finally here, gals! And you know what that means: New Moon in Scorpio, Halloween and every other dark, witchy and spooky thing there is. It also means mysterious, passionate and extra sexy season, just to name a few.

It’s our favorite sign from the zodiac. That’s why we decided to pay it homage and jump on a Witchtown bound, one-stop-only broomstick to deliver you the witchiest blog ever! 

Let’s get into bewitchsness

A new moon entails new beginnings, it’s energy meant for starting new projects and going into new endeavors, and Scorpio’s vibe is all about bringing self-transformation, healing and rebirth from the ashes like the Phoenix.

It’s all about reconnecting with your deepest core, making peace with your raw desires and finding value in who you truly are on the inside. We know it’s said with a few words, but we also know it’s easier said than done. Still, there’s no more unfruitful job than the one not done, right?

So we’ll use this new moon taking place in beautifully intense Scorpio for a letting go ritual: it’s about time you get rid of what no longer resonates with the true you.

Shall we, witches?

First, you need to get on your comfiest black leggings and tee, put your hair in a bun, and gather your ingredients.

For a witchy, Scorpio ambiance:

☾ Candles
☾ Music.
☾ Sandalwood incense 
☾ Some Sage or Palo Santo

For Potion-Making:

☾ A glass of wine
☾ And the rest of the wine bottle, of course

And for Intention-Setting:

☾ Pen and crayons
☾ Lots of paper

And now...

Light the candles, turn up your volume, pour that wine and start by cleaning your spaces. Burn some Palo Santo or Sage around your house while visualizing all unwanted vibes being expelled out. Then light your Sandalwood incense and leave it in the room so it can continue cleansing away your space and your aura as well. 

Sit on your favorite spot and bring out the pen, paper and crayons. We’re going to design our own board of intentions, sort of like a vision board, but this time we’ll actually write action plans next to each goal instead of just putting images together. Thinking + doing hand in hand, baby.

This is something you can do for every new moon, every month. But remember every new moon takes place in a particular sign out of the twelve, and that’s the available energy we should make use of at the moment. 

This Sunday, October 27th at 23:38 hours ET the New Moon will happen in Scorpio. This is the time and date the moon will perfect itself within its new phase. Remember the moon spends around a week in each of its 4 phases, and around 2 and a half days on each sign. Reaching peaks in each of its 4 phases. And it is around that new phase peak [you have a window of 16 hours: 8 hours before and 8 hours after its peak] where you want to do this ritual, to make maximum use of the energy. It works by taking a mindful moment to think about your intentions for the month ahead in terms of Scorpio vibes. 

We already described a couple of Scorpio’s traits, but they are more than that.

Here’s, summed up, what you should be working on for intention-setting:

Self-acceptance: understanding your deepest desires because they make you who you are. Discerning between what you truly want and what you think you want as a result of societal programming. Releasing fear of what others may say. Embracing your nature. 

Control releasing: the only thing we can control is our reaction to our life experience. Being aware of that helps us let go of the need to control situations and people in our lives. Something much needed to achieve peace of mind.

Inner transformation: going deep inside yourself and owning up to what you need to change in order to find the best version of yourself. Shadow becoming light. Pain becoming healing. Reality changing through your personal power. 

This is simply the broader picture.

You can let your intuition guide you towards what you particularly need within these categories and dig deeper for a better understanding of your process. It also helps to look at the astral house where this New Moon falls on for you. The subjects the house reigns over will give you a glimpse on the areas of your life that will have the spotlight on for the next month. 

Once you’ve done deep thinking about your intentions, write them down on a piece of paper, and next to each one, write an action plan you can develop to put intention into motion. Use as many crayons and images you can. The more invested you are on your intention list, the more you’ll bring it to life. Let your mood be happy while writing your intentions. Feel yourself open to what’s to come, to all the possibilities, and to your willingness to put in the work needed. 

After you finish, you can include a self-care ritual to top-off your night. Like a bubble bath, cooking yourself a homie meal or simply looking at yourself in the mirror and loving the soul in there. Yes, let that sink in for a minute.

You see, this new moon will face the opposition of Uranus in Taurus, asking us to reflect on how we treat ourselves vs. how we treat others. Self-value over the value we give others. Meaning we can’t put value in someone else if we don’t value ourselves first. Self-esteem. Healthy boundaries in relationships. 

So go ahead and self-care the hell out of yourself, literally, and indulge in what pleases your earthiness with acceptance of who you really are deep down. No shame, no fear, all you. Embrace your dark side so you can see your light differently. That’s Scorpio’s mantra. It’s a new you, unafraid, unapologetic, because what’s real in your world if you aren’t real yourself? 

And what’s even more real than embracing the fact that you love wearing leggings everyday, right? Here are some black everything outfit ideas to inspire you for this dark season.

Halloween Outfitting with our star: the black legging. 

Who said spooky AND comfy couldn’t be a match? We didn’t! Read this:

Black leggings, a black crop tee and a broom (and you’ll be posing as a basic modern witch.) You know, black, long dresses are so sixteen hundred.

Black leggings, a white tee and a cape. In case you’re longing for blood and want to be Dracula for the night. You know what we mean.

Black leggings, black booties and a black blazer, plus a little bit of green paint. Voilà. You’re Frankenstein.

Black leggings + a long, black hair, braided wig and you’ll be a 2019 Wednesday Addams.

With our black leggings you don’t have to bust your brain to get a halloween costume, and the best part, you’re being a good witch at the same time by helping women thrive with your purchase. 

At Alana Athletica we educate, employ and empower women who are abuse survivors. Each legging you get, sponsors self-defense classes, academic tutoring and employment opportunities. We believe we can change the world one legging at a time, and it is with your help that we can do it.

Let’s transform and empower ourselves with this New Moon so we can use our tools for helping empower others too. Because what is knowledge if not shared! 



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