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Copy of Our Story

We had a vision to do something bigger than ourselves.

...and it all began with a fundamental question: "How can we help make the world a better place?"

With this question in mind, we quit our fancy, corporate careers and went to look for the answer.

Our answer? Yoga pants!

At Alana, we empower the wearer and maker of our products. Our active-wear is made ethically in Sri Lanka, where two of our founders hail, in small production houses that treat employees as family.

A family of talented women who receive food, fair wages, and a humane environment.  

Say hello to [IMPACT] fashion.

The first of its kind, we built a brand that will change the world and cause a positive [IMPACT] at every touchpoint. As we grow and gain your support, we will expand our social responsibility programs beginning in Sri Lanka and extending throughout the world. Come join the look good, do good, feel good, Alana feeling.

In partnership with humanitarians.

…like Emerge Global, providing education, mentorship, apparel training, empowerment, and employment opportunities to women who have survived abuse, and are now able to speak out. Through our three vital causes for maximum [IMPACT]: [EDUCATE], [EMPLOY], [EMPOWER]; we’re here to change the world with your support.

And re-defining high quality.

Alana pants are engineered to ensure the best fit for everyone (and we mean everyone, every wear), with non-pilling, antimicrobial and wicking, non-sheer technology.

Try them on, walk the walk.

Wear after wear, they’ll be there.

We go hard when it comes to our values...

At every decision, we choose what is right for people, not what’s easy or most profitable.

Alana Athletica strives to address a greater purpose, to make the world a better place one yoga pant at a time.

...but soft when it comes to your wallet.

If you’re wondering about our affordable price points, we did that on purpose. Our garments are priced far below leading brands without sacrificing quality. Turns out, it doesn’t cost a fortune to make a difference in the world even when making high-quality yoga pants.

buy, wear, love, empower, repeat.