Instructions for ambassador content creation

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We feel very honored to have you as an ambassador, and want you to know that none of our small achievements and growth is possible without your unconditional support.

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The Basics


If you have a microphone... TIME TO USE IT! If you don’t, don’t worry... try and get as close as possible to the audio source you’re using and make sure to avoid outside noises (like cars driving or lights buzzing ― anything that can interfere with the audio quality).

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The Basics


Mobile device cameras work the best with a ton of light... so if possible, avoid dark spaces (we all want to see your beautiful face)! At the same time, try to avoid direct light from the sun, really bright indoor/outdoor lights, or windows pointing directly into the shot.

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The Basics

shot composition

Try to stabilize the shot as best you can. Let’s leave shaky footage for parties! LOL. Expert tip: Lean up against something, it really helps! If you have a tripod or flat surface to rest your mobile device camera, that works too!

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The Basics

apps (optional)

Here are a few apps that are used for shooting and sharing video:

  • Camera Awesome
  • Coach’s Eye
  • Instagram
  • Periscope
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The Basics

before you record, make a script

Planning your dialogue and movements will help a lot! If you don't want to write a full script, you can also use a simple cue card, jotting down some talking points and keywords.

“But what should I talk about?”

Here are some pointers:

1. Yourself! Tell people your name, occupation, passions, and anything you think is necessary (and fun) to include ― and remember to just be you!

2. How you found Alana Athletica and your first experience using the products.

3. Alana’s mission and and how it impacts you personally.

4. Alana’s product quality, ethics, and pricing in comparison with other brands.

5. What you like the most of how your leggings (or tops) fit.

6. You can also record yourself doing your favorite activities like yoga, running, squatting, lounging, etc.

7. Keywords we’d love you to include:

Non-pilling Non-sheer Non see-through 100% squat proof No panty lines Exercise-proof No peek-a-boo Light and breathable Quick drying Second skin with no sliding or sheerness Ethically made Moisture-wicking Antibacterial Odor-fighting Functional pockets Cameltoe-proof

The Basics

give your impact gear a test run

Before you start recording, try the gear on and take your leggings (or tops) for a spin ― that will make the review more genuine, and you more comfortable. And then...



Lights, Camera, Action!

capture the unboxing

Take the time to make the unboxing a part of your review! Make it a genuine, short, and surprising video ― kind of like a teaser.

Unboxing image

Lights, Camera, Action!

show yourself

The main shot you want to take is of yourself with the product. Try and look at the camera as much as possible ― it's good to direct your gaze at the viewers so they feel as though you're talking directly to them. Need to take a mirror selfie to show the complete product? Go for it ― be creative, free, and full of impact!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

call to action

Let’s give people the chance to get involved! If Alana Athletica will change their lives, tell them how and why. If there is anything else the viewer should do (such as checking out the website), share all the details they’ll need.

CTA image

Lights, Camera, Action!

take some stills, too

Don't forget to take photos to accompany your video footage. These should be a creative collection of stills, close-ups, product in use photos, maybe even shots from an unusual angle, etc. Use your imagination!

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