All The Good

At Alana, our brand ambassadors are [IMPACT] leaders. Why? Because their voice and platform is a catalyst for social impact and change, not just another advertising channel.

Today we feature Alana [IMPACT] leader Amber, a woman, a yoga teacher, a mama, and a nature-lover, but MOST importantly, a human devoted to helping the planet.

Here I am in all my present, disheveled, human glory.

I'm a woman, a yoga teacher, a mama, a lover of nature, and a devoted steward of Mother Earth and all her creatures (including us; ESPECIALLY us). I've spent my life doing all kinds of work to help people and the planet, operating in the business world to help families afford quality housing, in the non-profit sphere to support low income families in reaching their educational goals, roughing it doing environmental and wildlife conservation work throughout Africa, teaching and inspiring kids to love nature in Mexico and the US, and rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife in California.

Along the way, I've also devoted myself to learning and teaching yoga, and through that practice and lots of deep honesty and growing pains, I've learned how to love myself too. And I know, from working all over the world, helping people to explore self-love through yoga, that where there is LOVE, there is [IMPACT]. Love is what makes us do good things, for ourselves, for our people, for strangers, and for the Earth.

Where there is love, there is [IMPACT].

And that's why when I first saw Alana Athletica and heard their mission, it was love at first sight. I have seen first-hand how cycles of abuse and ignorance degrade the social and environmental fabric of our world. And I have worked with enough brilliant, inspired, and loving people to know that we can do better. Indeed, we ARE doing better. I believe that we have reached a point in history where companies have a responsibility to contribute to the social and environmental wellbeing of our planet. This is what draws me to Alana, and what makes me believe in what they stand for. But enough about me.

Let's talk about YOU.

We're going to take a moment to recognize the good that you do in the world. ALL the good. Seriously, stop and write it down: How have you acted, today, to make the world better? I don’t ask to challenge you. You don't need to prove anything to me, nor to anybody. Rather, I ask you to stop and recognize each and every choice you’ve made, action you've taken, place that you've softened and let go in order to lift someone else up, support, love, care, speak up, speak out. What [IMPACT] will those choices have? How will they spread love, tolerance, and peace?

Let's recognize YOU.

Because what I’m doing today to make the world better and brighter, is to recognize YOU. I see you. I hear you. I see the good in you, your hard work and dedication. I give you credit. Actually, I GIVE YOU A MEDAL for how you’ve helped the world today. How you've helped yourself today. It matters. YOU matter.

Do you want to matter more? Then just share the love. Whenever it strikes you next, just stop, recognize, and thank another human for the good they've done today. We are all doing hard things. Good things. And sometimes, day after day, that can feel fruitless. Until someone stops and tells you otherwise. Until YOU stop and tell YOURSELF otherwise.

We're in this together.

Because it helps to remember that we’re in this together. That we, each and every one, are silk-fine threads in one infinite cosmic web. Every move that we make reverberates everywhere, which is why YOU MATTER. Your choice in yoga pants, and where you spend your money, and how you invest your time makes a difference in your life, and in all of our lives. It's why Alana matters. Why every employee paid a fair wage, and each woman who feels educated and empowered are steps towards a brighter, more loving future.

YOU make an [IMPACT].

So right now, in this moment, we're taking a pause to give each other, and OURSELVES, credit for all of the magic that we bring into this world.

It makes an [IMPACT]. You make an [IMPACT]. Keep it up. I see you, and appreciate you, and I'm so excited that we are on this path here and now, choosing to make a positive [IMPACT] together.

If you are an [IMPACT] leader who wants to help us paint the future and make the world a better place, join us today!

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