5 Simple Ways To Keep Calm During The Workday

Most of us spend countless hours in an office, at school, with the kids, or running daily errands. While these moments often bring joy and fulfillment, they may also induce high levels of stress. We are sometimes so absorbed in the moment - doing a good job, making a lasting impression - that we forget to take some time to check in with ourselves, relax, and be at our best.  
These 5 tips can help us keep calm during our daily tasks, as it can often be difficult to break the cycle of stress once our minds begin to clutter themselves with worries, doubts, and fears.

Tip #1: Focus inward.

Meditation is a broad term that is oftentimes unhelpful until broken down into smaller levels of intention. The first thing you want to do is become aware of your breath by breathing deeply in and out. You can even say those words to yourself as you inhale and exhale - In and Out. Intentional breathing helps ensure that your body is getting enough oxygen, while keeping you physically grounded and in the present moment. That thirty page document due on your boss’s desk by the end of the week becomes trivial at that moment as you have completely shifted your focus from external matters to your internal self. Take this moment to really check in with and love yourself - here you will begin to notice positive changes in your daily interactions with those who surround you. If you can take this practice even further, how about a quick stress relief yoga session during lunch or while you catch a quick break?

Tip #2: Make an effort to unplug.

Turn off all electronics and really focus on bringing your positive energy into the mix sometimes. Life, at its best, is happening right in front of you, and taking a moment to be present and grateful can do wonders for eliminating stress and anxiety. Powering down allows you to create your own destiny, rather than allowing stress to consume you. We need to go from being stagnant consumers, to becoming innovative creators. Often times, we are so tapped into technology that we become consumed by our fear of missing out, succumbing to the the inevitable addiction to social media, rather than creating a social presence.

Quite frankly, the world needs more creators - we need more of those unique ideas that only YOU can come up with, because no one else can be YOU-er than YOU.  

Tip #3: Get up and get going.

Physical activity is meditation in motion - become active and focus on your body's movements! This will help you concentrate, increase your energy levels, and fuel your optimism. If you're not able to squeeze a quick workout session during your workday, how about a nice walk outside? Become one with nature and make it a point to experience and enjoy the environment around you. And if you're not feeling it, well then you might just be wearing the wrong attire! Try these athleggings, guaranteed to lift your spirits through support, confidence, and empowerment.

Tip #4: Drink relaxing herbal tea.

If you can’t seem to get out of the office (or out of other daily commitments such as school) or in the least bit away from your desk, you can definitely make a warm cup of herbal tea to soothe your worries. Take a look at the list below and determine which type of tea suits your needs best:

  • Chamomile Tea: Chamomile is a herb that originates from a blooming plant from the daisy gang. Dried blossoms of chamomile are utilized to make teas that cure various wellbeing issues including intestinal bombshell, stomach upset, tension, sleep deprivation, mouth ulcers and skin aggravations.
  • Lemon Balm Tea: A member of the mint family, lemon balm is a lemon-scented, aromatic, perennial with serrated heart-shaped leaves and whorls of small blue, yellow, or white flowers. Used since ancient times to calm the heart and the body, lemon balm, with its delicate lemony flavor, uplifts the spirit, calms the mind, encourages restful sleep, makes skin look years younger, and serves as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Passionflower Tea: The Passion Flower, or Passiflora incarnate, is considered to be one of the powerful herbs native to the Western hemisphere and bears small, berry-like fruit called granadilla. It has the flavone chrysin, which has numerous anti-anxiety benefits and is known to treat a variety of conditions ranging from sleep irregularities and stomach problems, to bodily wounds and earaches.
  • Kava Tea: Kava roots contain a mix of stress-fighting compounds called kavalactones, which act on the nervous system to various sedative and numbing affects. For centuries, Pacific Islanders have been drinking kava, its physioactive components made from the root of a plant in the pepper family. It has traditionally been used for its power to calm the body and mind, and encourage a good night’s sleep.
  • Peppermint Tea: Peppermint, or mentha piperita, is a cross between water mint and spearmint. It is native to Europe, but its popularity and wide range of uses has made peppermint a global commodity. Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health due to its ability to improve digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relax the body and mind, cure bad breath, promote weight loss, and boost the immune system.

Tip #5: Talk it out. Write it out.

There’s nothing wrong with going back to basics. Talking and writing out your thoughts and emotions are a great way to express yourself, while sorting through your areas of discomfort and clarifying any issues that may be taking a toll on your mental state. By getting those worries and tensions out of your system, you begin a cleansing process in which a powerful sense of relief takes over and makes you feel calmer about the issues that are consuming you.

If no one is available to talk at the moment, you may want to consider writing out your thoughts. There are thousands of people who keep a daily journal handy in case they need to document and release those stress-creating items. Again, clearing out all of that negative, stressful energy can help you become more efficient in creating new solutions, which will in turn enable you lead a more positive, empowered life.

Now that you are equipped with the tools that will allow you to take positive steps towards reducing stress levels, you are on your way to becoming a better version of YOURSELF.

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